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Honggang Cutting Machine CO.,LTD is a leading manufacturer in hydraulic cutting machine, clicker press, cutting press and leather embossing machine. Since 1994, we already have 21 years experience in the hydraulic cutting machine industry. Until today, we are the biggest hydraulic cutting machine and leather embossing machine manufacturer in China.
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We are selling a comfort level derived from our decades of experience creating, designing, and engineering hundreds of specific solutions for customers in dozens of different industries throughout Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and around the world. As well as, we have professional overseas service engineers. These industries include plastic packaging industry, electronic industry, auto accessories industry, shoe, foam, EVA, sponge, plywood, leather good, rubber and so on.
hydraulic cutting machine
Our mission is to listen first, then to consult, advise, and finally agree on a suitable solution at a highly competitive price. Our commitment is to support the lives of our customers.

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