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About us

2017          Cooperate to develop fully automatic plastic thermoforming machine,we have been planning to sell it all over the world.

2016          Improve and upgrade the automatic machine, developing and manufacture auto cutting machine by continuously feeding,and with mechanical arm.

2005-2015 Developing new machines: leather belt embossing machines, Oscillating knife cutting machines, fully automatic forming and cutting machine, full automatic cutting stacking machine and so on.

2010          New company established, named” Foshan City Nanhai Honggang Cutting Machine CO., LTD”

2009.12     Got CE certifications.

2008.10     Foreign trade department established, starting sales to South East Asia and Europe.

2008.8       Moved to new factory, located at NO.2 Fenghuang dadao, National-Eco Industrials Park, Danzao Town, Nanhai, Foshan City, China.(528000)

2007.7      Rebuilt new factory foundation Danzao town, Nanhai, Foshan city, 20000 square meters.

2006         Third Sales Store established, located in Kunshan, Jiangsu. Call: 0086 15950150018

2005         Stepped in Automotive Interior industry, cooperate with Linjun Japan.

2005         First machine sell abroad.

2004.10    Second Sales Store established, located in Pinghu, Shenzhen city. Call: 0086 755 89684521

2003         First Sales Store Established, located in Huadu, Shiling Guangzhou city. Call:00862086928266

2003.4      Honggang company moved to Nanhai Xiebian First Industry Zone, named “Foshan City Nanhai Honggang Machinery Factory”

2002.4     Honggang company Established in Songgang, Nanhai, Foshan City, China, by Mr.Zhang and Mr.Yao.

1994        Mr.Zhang and Mr.Yao, two of our boss and engineer, began their career in Hydraulic Cutting Machines.