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Negative Forming 3-station Full Auto Thermoforming Machine

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Negative Forming 3-station Full Auto Thermoforming Machine


Item Description Parameters Item Description Parameters
1 Applicable raw materials PP, PS, PET, PVC, OPS, degradable materials, PLA, etc. 11 stacking mechanism Push down the stack
2 Forming method Negative pressure forming 12 Rated power of the whole machine 118kw (power consumption 25-50kw)
3 Maximum molding die area Width 710×Length 900mm 13 Power access 380V/50HZ (three-phase five-wire)
4 Minimum molding die area 420×300mm 14 Total Weight 10,000kg
5 Applicable sheet width 450-760mm 15 physical dimension L10m×W2.4m×H2.6m
6 Applicable sheet thickness 0.15-2.0mm 16 Maximum sheet material roll diameter 1000mm
7 Maximum punching area 710×900mm 17 Client air source (external configuration) air supply 5.5m3/min, air pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
8 Maximum cutting force of cutting station 80T 18 forming speed 8/s one mould
9 Maximum opening and closing stroke of cutting die 165mm      
10 Molded product height 120mm      
Product description
1. Forming station, cutting station servo motor drive.
2. Saving mould cost: 710*900mm large layout suitable for  ordinary blister forming mould.
3.Digital temperature control double stage heating.
4. Suitable for common laser plywood board cutting die.
5. Diversified manipulator: in mould prasping manipulator or downward materials stacking robot arm.