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HG-E Embossing Machine

HG-E80T 380*380mm leather embossing equipment

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HG-E80T 380*380mm leather embossing equipment


HG-E80T 380*380mm leather embossing equipment is mainly used for leather shoes upper or other leather small goods embossing,  thanks to its smaller pressure and smaller area than 120 tons, 600x500mm. It's an economic and high efficiency leather embossing equipment for shoes factory.

It's with manual feeding table. 
Both top and bottom heating boards temperature are controlled seperately, easily raise the temperature to the embossing dies.
It doesn't need to make large embossing dies, such design the dies as shoes shapes matrix, or 300x300mm, or 250x 300mm by saving cost, but still useful. 
Aslo because of double heating boards, this leather embossing equiment is not only for leather embossing, but also easy for perforating, embossing with holes, or, embossing+cutting+perforating together. 

Other details same to other leather embossing equitment, HG-E80T embossing time and pressure are connected working together, which can be set.

Machine working video: