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HG-E Embossing Machine

HG-E120T 600*500mm Manual industrial leather embossing machine

Model:HG-E120T, Manual feeding table
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HG-E120T  600*500mm Manual industrial leather embossing machine


HG-E120T Manual  600*500mm Manual industrial leather embossing machine is customized from normal auto feeding E series, such as E120T, and it's not like E120T/M either without the feeding table. 

HG-E120T manual feeding table, is by hand to handle the feeding table inside and out side. And with double buttons to press to embossing.

HG-E120T manual feeding table embossing machine heating board is at the bottom of the feeding table, so it's easily heating the embossing plates all the time.

Same as other embossing machine, this manual sliding table plating machine is by timer to control the pressing time, by knob to control the cutting pressure, from 0-max 120 tons. Also there is a valve to see how much pressure is using. 

Heating function can be chosen to open, the heating temperature showing both setting termperature, and actual temperature.