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HG-E Embossing Machine

HG-E120T 600x500mm Hydraulic Leather Embossing Machine

Model:HG-E120T, 600x500mm
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HG-E120T 600x500mm Hydraulic Leather Embossing Machine



HG-E120T leather embossing machine
HG-E120T leather embossing machine, with 120 tons max working pressure, area 600x500mm, and auto feeding board, specially the embossing plates board to fix the embossing plates, all these specifications make HG-E120T as the most popular model in leather bags factory, or leather lady bags embossing service workshops.

1. Fast heating temperature, only take around 10 minutes from normal to 100-120 degrees which is the usual working temperature .
2. The embossing plate fixed board to fix the embossing plate, it just needs to past the plates by melted glue,  and it's also easy to take it down after the temperature cooling down. 
3. Suitable for large or small leather pieces. Someone may think 600x500mm is too big for lady bags, wallet or other smaller leather products embossing, however, it can be put 1 to 4 leather patches together by one time embossing which highly raise the production speed. 4 pcs leather embossing together.
4. Feeding table speed adjustment, double hand to press the buttons, more safe in operation.
5. Max pressure 120 tons, easy to adjust the pressure by the knob.
6. Auto counting function.
7. Time setting for keep pressing, with large scale from 1 second to 9 hours.
8.  Machine working video in youtube.
9. Working with embossing dies.
10. Hg-E120T leather embossing machine working process:

120 tons Hydraulic leather embossing machine