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The role of cutting machine in the plastic industry

The role of cutting machine in the plastic industry

Blister process is divided into the following points:

Blister molding production: the use of automatic high-speed plastic molding machine production, the basic principle is: the sheet into the electric furnace oven heated to a softened state, heat and then pulled to the top of the plastic mold, mold up and pumping Vacuum, the softened sheet is adsorbed on the surface of the mold, and the cooling water is sprayed on the surface of the formed sheet in a mist to harden it, and the formed sheet is automatically pulled to the storage box again. The pneumatic knife will be formed and not formed. The sheet is separated so that the entire process is completed. 1. Most of the major quality problems that occur with plastic products occur during this process:
2. Blister not in place means that the shape is deformed, and there is no product that has the same shape as the mold.
3, excessive plastic, refers to the product is too thin;
4, pull line, refers to the molding product should appear on the line marks;
5, uneven thickness. All of these problems need to be debugged in place after a good mold, including: sheet advancement time, heating temperature and time, vacuum pumping strength and time, position, time and depth of the drop of the upper mold, placement of the mold in the imposition. Location, whether to add accessories and other molds.
Cutting machine processing: The large-sized product of the suction molding must pass through a punch press and be divided into a single product with a knife plate. The principle is that there is a large plastic cutting board on the bottom stand of the punch press, the large-format molding product is placed on the cutting board, and the pre-made knife mold is stuck on a single product, and the single finished product is cut through up and down movement of the punch press. However, the disadvantage of this cutting method is that the cutting board and die are relatively easy to damage, resulting in non-smooth trimming and burrs. For the high-quality blister, a cold die (a male die, a female die) is required. And cold press processing.

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cutting machine in the plastic industry