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The influence of vacuum blister machine on the finished plastic parts
 The principle of the vacuum blister machine can be simply understood as the use of vacuuming to bond the pvc film to the sized fiber board to achieve various types of decorative parts such as a coated plane, a concave-convex groove, a curved edge, and a hollow engraving. Decorative shapes and brilliant colors; in addition, vacuum forming can achieve one molding, which can greatly reduce the cost in production; currently the technology has been widely used in the manufacture of computer tables, audio boards, cabinets, doors and furniture. Vacuum plastic is a key factor in the vacuum blistering process, which can affect the final finished product of vacuum blister parts.
   With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the green and safety of vacuum plastic materials have also begun to attract attention. The water-based polyurethane dispersion is non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly. It can be used alone in the process of mixing vacuum plastics and ensures excellent bonding strength. In addition to being used alone, the aqueous polyurethane dispersion can also be combined with VAE. It can be used in combination with emulsions such as PA to achieve good performance while reducing costs.

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