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The characteristics of packaging molding machinery
 The automatic blister machine is a packaging molding machine, which is mainly used for packaging plastic products. After heating the plastic sheet to a certain temperature, the vacuum pump generates a negative pressure and then cools it to form a blister or a blister of different shapes and different types that you need. So, what are the characteristics of the automatic blister machine? Blister machine manufacturers to introduce to you.

  1. First of all, the automatic blister machine does not need to be applied to the alignment technology. It can fully automatic blister work, and it will not produce garbage, avoid polluting the environment, waste resources, and is very convenient.

  2, the control system is centrally integrated, the control work is to make the feed to the heating, then the vacuum is cooled after the vacuum is applied, and then the film is removed for cutting and other automatic control molding work.

  3, automatic blister machine is divided into two layers of plastic, super two-layer blister, and three-bit blister, want to be made into different large characters are easy to operate.

  4. The automatic blister machine has a cold air system and a rapid cooling device, which can make the cooling faster and no vibration after blistering.

  5, the automatic blister machine can use the mold to complete the work, the mold is manufactured, and then put the blister machine board on the mold inside the machine, you can easily complete the plastic forming work.