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Single Arm Hydraulic Press Features and Problems
Single Arm Hydraulic Press Features and Problems

Before the single-arm hydraulic press works, start the equipment idle for 5 minutes. At the same time, check whether the oil level in the fuel tank is sufficient, whether the sound of the oil pump is normal, and whether the hydraulic unit and pipes, joints, and pistons have leaked.

Single-arm hydraulic press, the body is C-type single-arm structure, using submerged arc welding, after welding through the vibration processing, to ensure that the body is not deformed hydraulic system is located in the fuselage, beautiful appearance, easy to operate the main For shaft and set of parts for calibration, press-fit and small powder products, can also be used for other similar process uses, the structure of the various parts of the C-type machine installed in the fuselage, neat appearance, the machine has a button Or pedal two ways of operation

1. The single-arm hydraulic press has the advantages of good structural rigidity, good guiding performance, and high speed
2. The convenient manual adjustment mechanism can adjust the pressure head or the upper table to suppress at any position in the stroke, and it can also adjust the length of the fast forward and the working progress within the design stroke.
3, the overall welded solid open structure allows the body to remain rigid enough while having the most convenient operating space
4. Computer-optimized structural design, C-type single arm fuselage mechanism, good rigidity, simple structure, easy operation
5, hydraulic control adopts two-way cartridge valve integrated system, reliable operation, long service life, small hydraulic shock, and reduce the connection pipe and leakage point
6, independent electrical control system, reliable, intuitive operation, easy maintenance
7、Using button centralized control, with adjustment, manual, semi-automatic (semi-automatic can be divided into fixed single and constant pressure single two processes) three operation methods

Safe operation:
1. One-arm hydraulic press operators must be trained to master equipment performance and operating techniques before they can work independently.
2, before the operation, should clean up all kinds of debris on the mold, wipe any dirt on the hydraulic rod
3, single-arm hydraulic machine installation mold must be carried out under power off conditions, prohibition of collision start button, handle and pedal on the foot switch