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The most important maintenance: Clean the oil
Hydraulic die cutting machine is offered power by hydraulic system. The oil running though the oil filter, tubes, valves, cylinder, must must be clean. Timely oil change maintenance will make the machine work better. It will extend the service life of the hydraulic components of the machine and make the machine pressure more stable. Or it will have small things to stuch the valve, and reduce the pressure power of the machine, damage the parts. Have to mention that, one of our customers in Czeck, clean the oil every month by filter tool, and his machines with 5 years still working as new machines.

Hydraulic cutting machine application

Please pour into hydraulic oil before running machine.

ROL OIL     ----------------       LI/68-HIV/46
ESSO        ----------------       INVAROL EP 68/46
BP           ---------------       VARTRAN HV 68/46
SHELL       ----------------       TELLUS T 68/46
MOBIL       ----------------       DTE  16/46

*Yearly means max. 2000 hours of operation per year.
*For new machine, first hydraulic oil should be changed after 3 months or 500 hours of operation, then change oil every year.
More details
Follow the previous of manual type installation and operation memos, this article introduces the tips of maintenance of the oil change and filter clean for hydraulic cutting machines:
1. First time to change the oil for the new machine used within 6 months. It is recommended that the first time for oil change maintenance on the machine.
2. Normally, we will recommend to use 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil.
3. Before changing the oil, firstly remove the oil used in the machine, and take out and clean the filter at the connection point of the machine oil pump. 
4. Then use diesel to clean the bottom of the machine's oil tank, and wipe the oil with a rag.
5. Install the filter, add the same amount of hydraulic oil to the previous oil mark, the oil level is normally 2 ~ 3cm above the filter
6. After changing the oil, remember to seal the cover plate and do the dustproof treatment.
7. After completing the first oil change, it is recommended to change the oil every 18 months in the future.

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