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Single-Table 100T with Robot arm Shipping to Taiwan for plastic cutting
Today we loaded a single-table semi-auto feeding cutting machine 100T with 2 robot arms to Taiwan.

Single-Table 100T with Robot arm Shipping to Taiwan1 Single-Table 100T with Robot arm Shipping to Taiwan1 
(Well, question: single table cutting machine, how it comes 2 robot arm?
Of course it's one table for one robot arm, the other robot arm is for old machine already in Customer's factory.)

At present, the
double tables/ single tables cutting press machine with robot arm for picking up is for plastic packages products cutting. 

It has different pressure, but as usual 80 tons, 100 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons to cut full sheet of thermoforming plastic sheets in table 1400x810mm; After cutting, the robot arm with sucker to pick pick up the plastic cutting pieces by one time, saving the time for by hand picking up.

Normally, the cutting machine and robot arm would be bought together. But because of the
robot arm with seperated individual PLC and operation touch screen, it suits for other brand, new or old cutting machine together. It's bought seperately too. 

And have to mention that, it's not all
thermoforming plastic products sheets can be cut and picked up by the robot arm. 
The robot arm picking up is by foam or rubber sucker. The single sucker has its min working size. So it requires the plastic product at least with 20mm flat space for sucker picking up. Please contact us if you have any doubts for picking up:

Anyway, hydraulic cutting machine with robot arm, suitable for many kinds of plastic products, such as food take away container, fruit container, PP bowl, paper pulp, lunch box, sushi disposable container,  fresh meat packing tray, flower pot, mooncake box, cookies plastic packages products...
Fruit container fresh disposable  container

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