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Plastic Cutting Machines List and Videos Link

How to select the plastic cutting machine? First of all,  to share with you the blister die cutting machine videos to see how the hydraulic cutting machine works on plastic cutting.This is the fastest and best way to select the plastic cutting machine—— from others' experience who are using our machine cutting on plastic.

Anyway, we should get to know that there are different materials for blister, such as PP, PVC, PS, PET, rigit PET and thickness different. Also, there are different thermoforming  sheet sizes after different thermoforming machines. Such different materials, thickness,  sheet size, require different cutting pressure and cutting area for different plastic die cutting machine.

For example, if very thin toys packing blister,  small size of blister sheet, easy cutting, 30 tons, 40 tons, 50 tons no problem. If thick PP for food blister packing, it will require more pressure,  such as 100 tons, 150 tons for large sheets. As well, for takeaway food containers, and plastic cover cutting, it always by robot arm to pick up.

Some reference for plastic cuting machine as below: (Please click the link directly into the video) 

Thin PVC plastic toys packing sheets,  thin small size of cup lid sheets 30 tons-40 tons manual type:

Rigid PET, Large sheets, Many covers, pressure cutting: 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons

PET Round cake/food/fruit container

Double tables double robot arm 100 tons cutting food takeaway containers:

High plastic lunch box large sheets cutting with robot arm:

Deep bowl plastic die cutting machine:

Food tray die cutting machine:

Food tray cover die cutting machine:

Rigit PET electric part packing die cutting equipment:

Toys cover die cutting press:

Cup cover/Cup lid die cutting machine:

Mooncake plastic packing die cutting with robot arm:

However, 100 tons, 120 tons, 150 tons cutting large sheets by one time is fast,  its cost is high. So if you want low cost but automatic feeding and cutting, with robot arm together with small pressure, then no doubt to buy the auto section feeding system.

Another kind of plastic packing products without thermoforming, such as gift toys of folding plastic packagesplastic face shields, it will die cut from the plastic rolls directly. As usual, to make the cutting edge smooth, such plastic cutting machine will add the heating function to head the cutting blade first.

One more tip for understanding, as usual the plastic cutting, to avoid the detrito from PP cutting pads,  most manufacturers choose to use the PP boards together with the stainless steel board facing the knife blade. Such operation require high standard of machine pressure steady, parts working well in the machine, pressure big enough. Not all suppliers' machine can have such performance. But all of Honggang machine can. After 18 years manufacturing hydraulic plastic cutting machines, we get experience from manufacturing, also experiences from our 5000+ customers. The requirements, the production experience from the customers, become a huge treasure, to make us progress, to develop and design the new machines, to offer the best solution, the best choice for our old and news customers.

Anyway, send us your plastic sheets or samples to us,  let us start to talk and to choose the suitable plastic cutting machine. 

And feel free to contact us for catalogue too.

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30th, July, 2021.
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