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Loading to Thailand: DM60 Full Auto thermoforming
Today (10.17) we load the DM 60 of full automatic thermoforming 3-station to Thailand in Dongguan factory.

1xvacuum pump
1xToolbox and Accessories

DM60 is a full servo pressure and vaccum thermoforming + cutting + stacking stations machine for plastic thermoforming production line. As a replacement of Vaccum forming machine and cutting machine working seperately, 3/4 stations of auto thermoforming machine is more and more popular in the market. Because it will reduce much cost of labor, and fast production for large quantity orders of plastic package items. 

Dongxing machinery facotry in Dongguan, is one of our facotry focused on manufacturing thermoforming machine. It starts making forming machine since 2005, and after years of upgrading, with good quality
DM series of Pressure & Vacuum forming and FY seriesof Vaccum forming stations, are the main models, and widely used in the US, Canada, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, Iraq, Egypt...

Dongxing brand thermoforming machine now popular in the market mainly because of good configuration, but much lower price than the same level of configuration. At the same time, the moulds set are with good price but not compromise in quality compared to other suppliers.