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Full Servo Vaccum Station Machine DX-FY

 DX-FY series is aimed at low lost of full auto thermoforming machine, but stay with good quality of the machine. It's with normal traditional vaccum forming machine instead of station forming.
With large size of 710x900mm forming area, it is widely used for large quantity items working without high quality in shapes forming of negetive and positive thermoforning. 
1. Suitable for heating forming materials, PP, PS, PET, PVC, PLA etc. 
2.Fully auto production line,  including Heating stove, Negetive vaccum forming, Cutting Station, and Stacking station. 
3. Delta PLC; Full 6 sets of Delta precise control,  1xpulling,  1x forming,  2xcutting, 1/2xstacking (Robot arm stacking 2 servos)
4.Max forming size:  710*900mm for high production quantity.
5.Optional: Robot arm stacking or Downward stacking, or both together for choice. 
6. Low cost Available moulds to install: normal vaccum forming machine mould(Plastic, plaster, aluminum), normal cutting machine wooden cutting die.   Versatile adjusted stacking/Robot arm.
7.Hero Brand Heating control, Sweden heating brick,  infrared ceramic heater,2-stage heating for upper and lower furnaces.

Full Servo Vaccum Station Machine DX-FY

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