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Foam toys puzzle cutting press machine HG-E120T

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Foam toys puzzle cutting press machine HG-E120T


Foam toys puzzles cutting press machine can die cut the foam or eva sheets into different lovely shapes, including numbers, animal shapes, car, stars, trees, cartoon figures, flowers, even map designs for kids puzzle education. With different thickness, non-toxic foam toys puzzles are friendly for kids playing.

For foam toys puzzle cutting press, actually, as foam much easy cutting, it can be cut no doubt by 30 tons, 1220x610mm; 40 tons, 1220x610mm of small pressure; but we highly recommend the HG-E120T, 120 tons, 600x500mm cutting area, because of the similar price, but much bigger pressure and suitable cutting area.

On the other hand, the foam toys puzzle cutting press machine as 120 tons 600x500mm, it allows any kind choice in simple or complicated designs, and allows to enlarge the production into cardboard puzzles, plywood jigsaw puzzles, or 3D kids puzzles. HG-E120T is enough strong to hold the all products of all kids toys puzzles.