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2 sets of 100T, with Robot Arm for Plastic Lunch Box Cutting shipped to Thailand
Today(3rd, Sep) we loaded a container of 2 sets 100T single side with 2 sets of robot arm to one of our old friend Mr. N.P., from Thailand.
Container already Arrived at Mr. N.P.'s factory

Plastic cutting Machine already installed in Mr. N.P.'s  factory

Plastic cutting Machine already installed in Mr. N.P.'s  factory

It is our pleasure to work with Mr. N. P..  We met years ago in 2014, hot summer day, yes 7 years ago, just the year I started my career in Honggang factory in 2014. Mr. N.P. came with his family, and he is so smart, humorous, optimistic,and loves to share, making us laughing all the time. It strikes me to remember a lot of funny details with them now.

It's happy time to work with Mr. N.P during these 7 years and we are full of expetaction to cooperate with Mr. N.P for the next decades. And it's our pleasure and honor to see and witness Mr. N.P's business growing fast. He purchased 6 sets of 30 tons in 2014, 2 sets in 2016, 4 sets of same plastic cutting machine in 2018.This year, Mr. N.P. finished his new factory and purchased single table or both tables of  60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons of 4 hydraulic plastic cutting machines and 3 robot arms together in 2021 for lunch box products. Just a pity that we couldn't visit MR. N.P.'s new factory in Thailand because of covid, only in 2018, our engineer visited Mr. N.P.'s old factory to do a whole maintenance for the 12 sets of 30 tons plastic cutting machines, anyway, once travelling available. So Mr. N.P. already has our 16 sets of plastic cutting machine. Here really with thankful and greatful respect to Mr.N.P.'s trust and cooperation, support since my career started.

Regarding the choice for the cutting press for plastic industry, for the beginning of small business, small model such as
30 tons, 40 tons cutting with small dies, should be a good choice to start the business when budget and place limit. It's easy and simple to operate, safety with double hands pressing buttons working. Any worker can deal with the job. After years with enough funds, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons,  150 tons, 200 tons , or with robot arm should be availible and nice choice to enlarge the production. Such model of plastic cutting machine is by PLC, operated on touch screen. It's auto setting the mould, and the cutting depth is setting by input the number, precision and steady working. For more, by the 4 column auto balance structure, it helps to prolong the plastic cutting machine working life.

Even, you can consider the
full servo 3-4 station automatic thermoforming and cutting machine.  If you have no idea and no experience of how to choose the suitable model, including cutting area, cutting pressure, manual type, sliding table type, auto type... please feel free to contact us anytime. 

Robot arm, is not suitable for all plastic packages. It depends on the product shapes if with enough flat space to hold the suckers, sIt's by foam or rubber sucker to suck the plastic or foam or paper bulb products. As usual, lunch box, pot, moon cakse, bowl..plastic trays, etc such plastic thermoforming products are no problem to pick up by robot arm. Just like electronic plastic packages, car parts plastic packages with custmized different shapes, may not available. Below is the video for reference, and you can see that, it will 3 times faster than worker picking up by hand.

30 tons/40 tons cutting blister packages:

80 tons /100 tons150 tons single table cutting plastic packages:

WIth Robot arm:
3 station full auto servo thermoforming cutting machine: (10 years of experience, exporting to Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt..)

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