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Blister Cutting Machine / Clicker Press

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Blister Cutting Machine / Clicker Press


Blister Cutting Machine / Clicker Press

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Application in blister packaging die cutting of small trays, boxes, packaging industrial and commercial products, pharma,comestics,automobile, spareparts, fresh food packaging, fruits packaging, toys garments packaging...
 HG-B30T/48" is the most popupar as the manual type die cutting machine. It has suitable working pressure of 30 tons and area 1220x610mm, which can be used for most small bister sheet cutting.

 Compare to other swing arm cutting press, machanical cutting press, HG-B30T has bigger area and steady working situation to keep the blister cutting precision.

 For other type blister cutting press of precision, please contact us for more: automatic?  double side? large area? 

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