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what about the foam material cutting machine?
what about the foam material cutting machine?

Soft foam material
Soft foam materials are plastics (PE, EVA, etc.), rubber (SBR, CR, etc.) and other raw materials, and are supplemented with catalysts, foam stabilizers, foaming agents, etc., and are used to make plastics through physical foaming or cross-linked foaming. And there are a lot of fine foams in rubber, volume increase, density decrease, soft foam material with light weight, good softness, cushioning, sound absorption, shock absorption, heat preservation, filtration and other functions, widely used in electronics, home appliances, automobiles, sports leisure Other industries.

Structural foams:
Structural foams are based on plastics (PVC, PET, etc.) based on a modified aromatic amide polymer network modified foam material, as low density as the soft foam material, but with high strength, applicable to the requirements Lightweight and high-strength high-end fields are mainly used in wind power, rail transit, yachts, aerospace, building energy conservation and other industries.
The areas of new materials such as polymer materials have always been high-tech industries supported by the country. In particular, in the “Decision of the State Council on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of Strategic Emerging Industries” issued in 2010, the “New Materials” industry was included in the list. Strategic emerging industries, and introduced a number of incentives in technology research and development, finance and other aspects.
In addition, in recent years, China has achieved a number of innovations in the production process of polymer foamed materials. The product performance has been gradually improved and the application fields have been broadened. These will further promote the faster development of the polymer foam material industry.

Honggang Foam Material Cutting Machine:
The characteristics of Hongsteel foam hydraulic cutting machine are as follows: When the punching head passes through the cutter die and acts on the workpiece, the pressure in the acting cylinder does not reach the rated pressure, and the pressure will follow the contact (cut into the workpiece) Increase and increase, until the solenoid valve receives the signal, the direction of the changeover valve, the punching head begins to reset; At this time, the pressure in the cylinder may not reach the set rated pressure due to the time limit of the pressure oil entering the cylinder. The pressure value; that is, the system pressure has not reached the design value, the punching has been completed.
Widely used in leather and shoes, handbags and bags, gloves and hats, crafts and silk flowers, embroidery, jigsaws and cards, blister and packaging, printing and paper products, stationery, plastic chemicals, automobiles and electronics, and other light Industry.

Honggang Cutting Machine:

 foam material cutting machine