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HG-E120T Hydraulic Plane Leather Polishing/ Perforating/ Embossing machine

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HG-E120T Hydraulic Plane Leather Polishing/ Perforating/ Embossing machine


hydraulic plane leather polishing/perforating/embossing machine


Special for leather embossing,polishing,perforatingm,cutting and so on.

Leather embossing machine, also called high frequency leather embossing machine; high frequency embossing machine; leather trademark branding machine,it widely used in PU leather or leather embossing, such as trademarks (logo); bags; handbags; automotive interior leather; leather; watches and clocks and other leather materials trademark embossed embossing, etc.

Honggang Cutting Machine Co.,LTD
was established nearly 20 years, specializing in the production of leather embossing machine, belt embossing machine, In 2005,independent research and development launched belt embossing machine, is to fill the domestic belt embossing machine processing equipment blank
, make up the old style roller equipment Of the lack of operational safety and efficiency will be doubled.

Features and Advantages:
1.Embossing the leather materials surface by heating plates and hydraulic pressure.
2.Both manual and automatic feeding available.
3.Heating time,heating temperature,pressure force, feeding rate can be adjusted.
4.With safety device of urgent buttons and double hands working.
5.Easy to set and unload plates,simple to operate.

Pressure:40tons, 120tons, 180tons
Dimension:1550*1150*1520 mm or customization
Embossing Area:600*500mm or 750*600mm or customization

 Leather embossing machine

Machining process:
hydraulic leather embossing machine
leatherembossing machine

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