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how to emboss leather?
 How to emboss leather? It depends.

First of all, we have to classify what's the usage for the leather embossing. Roughly, there are 4 kinds usages.
1)Private usage.
2)Craft workshop.
3)Leather goods industries embossing.
4)Leather tannery

For the first two kinds, the owner maybe the artist to make a work of art. He has to make ready for the leather, embossing tools, and emboss whole process by himself, and by hand to make every details perfect and designful. He would like to take one day, one week, one month to make a work. Or he has to employ many  staff to work with him if he would like to make in quantity.

For the third kind, it's our job. It embosses on leather surface of leather sheet, leather belt, or leather finished goods.The main features are that: high out put, high speed duplication, automaticly making, prices not so high. Any way, we are making industries products to meet the demands of people's daily life.
So as request of above, we will use embossing machine not manual tools, with an acceraries named: metal mold/plates, which is the "stamping tools" with different patterns. The metal molds will be set to the machine to heat and press to emboss on leather leather. 
1)Leather embossing machine, size about 300x350mm, 600x500mm, 750x600mm
2)Leahter logo embossing machine,size about 180x280mm
3)Embossing plates/molds
In addition, they can do hot foil for leather, polishing, carving, perforating for leather as well.

For the last one, they will use machines too, but bigger to 1000x2000mm, working pressure 1000 tons.