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Thermoforming Machine

DM80 Fully Automatic Plastic Thermoforming Machine

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DM80  Fully Automatic Plastic Thermoforming Machine


1. 3/4  Stations Positive and negative pressure thermoforming machine
1/ Three stations: positive and negative pressure forming, cutting, stacking
2/Forming upper mold core servo control
3/ Outer eight models of front loading mold
5/ Automatic mold clamping device
6/ Chain track eight-character function (applicable to PP, full degradation Material with high material sag)
7/ German Beckhoff controller, servo drive system is Swiss ABB (motion control absolute value mode)
8/Zhuanggu temperature control (computer digital temperature control, one-to-one precise temperature control temperature difference positive and negative 0.5 degrees, intelligent temperature control and 20% energy saving)
9/Chain rail electronic ruler adjustment

2.   Delivery timedelivery after 60 working days from the date of receiving the deposit;

3.   Payment Terms30% deposit, after the completion of the machine, Party A will go to our factory to test and accept, and 70% will be paid before delivery.

4.   Machine Specification:

This machine is desined for producing all size packaging containers, in open-type with thin wall, by using rol-sheet, under high-speed vacum suction foming pocessingg The produts made by this machine can be used for the package of foods, tourist-good, textile, medical,toy, cosmetic, electrical elements and daily used hard ware, etc.


Suitable Sheet

PP, PS, PET, PVC, OPS, degradable materials, PLA. etc.

Structure Features

Mechanical, pneumatic and electrical combination, all working actions are controlled by PLC.Touch screen makes the operation convenient and easy.

Forming type: vacuum and /or pressure forming.

Servo motor feeding, feeding length can be step-less adjusted, High speed and accurate.

Up heater with 4 sections heating, down heater with 3 sections heating. With sheet edge preheating.

u  Heater with itellctual temperature control system, automatic supply the heating individual heater control. Fast heating(3 min from 0-400 degree), it won't be effected by outer voltage

u  Forming and cutting funtion in the same station, controlled by servo motor, high cutting precision.

Stacking type: downward stacking/ manipulator stacking.

u  With quick changing mould system, produts details and running data memorization function,more efficient.

u  Feeding width can be synchronously or independently adjusted in electrical way.

u  Heater automatically push-out when the sheet is over heated.

Auto roll sheet loading, reduce the working load.





Term name description

Technical Parameters


Applicable raw materials

PP, PS, PET, PVC, OPS, degradable materials, PLA. etc.


Forming method

Positive and negative pressure forming


Maximum forming mold area

Width 780×length 600mm


Minimum molding die area



Maximum sheet width



Applicable sheet thickness



Maximum punching area



Cutting knife line

8M knife line


Maximum opening and closing stroke of forming mold



Molded product height



Stacking mechanism

Hanging point stacking


Rated power of whole machine



Power consumption



Power access

380V/50HZ (three-phase five-wire)


Total Weight



physical dimension

L13 m×W2.4m×H2.6m


Maximum sheet material roll diameter

1100mm (within 500KG)


Work efficiency

40 molds/minute (depending on material thickness)


cooling method

The mold is cooled by circulating water

ain configuration instructions




   Control System



Control System

Beckhoff System

Programmable Controller (PLC)

Beckhoff System

Touch display

15 inch color touch monitor

  Pull tab servo system






Pull tab servo system

Switzerland ABB

Pull tab gearbox

High precision planetary reducer

Chain guide

Aerospace aluminum alloy surface hard oxygen treatment

Pull tab chain

Taiwan KMC (double-row guide chain)

Rail (beam) cooling system

The whole beam is cooled by water (circulating water)

Rail adjustment

The guide rail is electrically adjusted and can be adjusted in one direction

  Drive System






40 times/minute

Forming Servo System

Switzerland ABB  5.5kw

Punching and cutting servo system

Switzerland ABB 5.5+7.5kw

Stack Servo System

Switzerland ABB

Station structure

Cam structure

  Heating system



Intelligent temperature control system

Zhuanggu (hero) one control one computer digital temperature control

Far infrared ceramic heater

Japan Yamatake temperature measurement module

  Hot stove (stainless steel hot stove)

Ceramic heating brick (Sweden KANTHAL imported heating wire)

cooling system


cooling system

The length of the heating furnace is 3 times of the forming length, the upper and lower furnaces are heated, and the lower furnace has a protective steel mesh. High temperature resistant wire, with current overload protection.

cooling method

8HP air-cooled chiller

  Forming station

Forming station

The mold is cooled by circulating water (6 water inlets and outlets)

Positive air pressure valve

The height of the upper mold table can be adjusted by 50mm

Bottom wind

Japan SMC ultra-high-speed response fluid valve

Install the device

Bottom air adopts atmospheric volume valve

Vacuum pump

German Weili 100M3/H (with large flow vacuum valve)

Cutting station Cutting part

 Cutting part

Servo direct blanking; the height of the forming upper die table can be adjusted by 50mm

Install the device

Equipped with safety hooks for easy operation

Stacking system

Automatic points, automatic stacking function

Winding system

Frequency conversion automatic winding function, adjustable torque function

Security system

1.   1. Equipped with safety grating devices on the left and right sides

Lubrication system

2. Part of the machine is equipped with an emergency stop device

Feeding system

3. Leakage, overload safety switch

Electrical appliances

The guide rail is equipped with a needle valve type oil cup lubrication system

Double material bar automatic mechanical feeding roll device, roll diameter 1100mm, can bear 500KG

AC contactor Japan Fuji

Proximity switch Japan Omron

Switching power supply MEAN WELL


fully automatic plastic thermoforming punching machine

fully automatic plastic thermoforming punching machine
Automatic cups/boxes/plates/containers Plastic Thermoforming machine
fully automatic plastic thermoforming punching machine

5.Product sample

fully automatic plastic thermoforming punching machine