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fully automatic Travelling Rotary head cutting machine

Model:HG-CA25T with belt
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fully automatic Travelling Rotary head cutting machine


fully automatic Travelling Rotary head cutting machine
 Fully Automatic Travelling Rotary Head Cutting Machine is used for the cutting of all kinds of small knife molds for leather, shoes(sole,insole,shoe-pad,upper of the shoe), cloth, masks, toys, etc. in the industry, and is suitable for large-scale cutting factory operations.


Model HG-CA30T
Cutting Force 30 tons
Dimension D*W*H(mm) 3000*2200*1900mm
Cutting area 2000*610mm
Cutting belt width 1600mm
Moving Cutting Plate
 Motor (Kw)  4
 Stroke (mm)  40-160mm
 Net Weight  3500kg

Some detail of Travelling Rotary head cutting machine


1. The machine adopts a walking head frame and the operation is very firm.

2. The cutting point setting is simple and effective.

3. This machine has two-hand operation function and is very safe.

4. The motion cutting is controlled by the cross switch and the travel switch to ensure safety.

5. Motion cutting can be automatically moved to improve work efficiency.

6. The machine can add accessories to save labor.
Production Process:


1)What's warranty of machine?

->12months Warranty

Life-long maintenance service for machine

2)What's your after-sales service?

->Engineer available to serve machines over seas; Email and calling service in working hour;  24 hours door to door in domestic.

3)Can we test the our material by your machine free?

->Yes, please contact us to send your matrial.

4)How to confirm how much ton pressure is fine?

->Always 1m knife line need about 5 ton pressure.

please send your drawing or product photo, we can help you confirm.