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Which model most popular in leather bags factory?
Have been said that, Honggang factory is built and growing on the leahter industry, expecially on the leather handbags making factory.Till now, our customers in bags making are still the main part for us. And we are proud of serving many famous bag brands. Maybe, your handbags in hand, are made by our machines.

Compare with swing arm clicker press used in shoes factories, Honggang full head manual cutting press from 25 tons to 50 tons with area of 610x1600mm, is more suitable for leather bags factories.  

For Leather handbags making, Honggang factory is supplying cutting press and embossing press.
The most popular model, HG-A30T/63" and HG-E120T.Most popular means, many cunstomers are using and, reusing it.

working pressure: 30 tons,
working area: 610x1600mm
neight weight: 1900kg
motor: 2.2kw
stroke: 50-160mm
Working video
Leather cutting machine

leather cutting machine-back table

leather cutting die and sample

leather cutting sample
working pressure: 120 tons
working area 600x500mm
heating: 400 degrees
motor: 3.7kw
heater: 2.2 kw
working video:
Advantages of our factory:
CE proved. Manufauring from A to Z, control the quality totally.Factory price.
(1) speed: According to Die punching bag material 24-hour operation, life expectancy at 10 years (in this case Honggang production is cutting punch machine life);
(2) high accuracy, using precision four-column design, two-cylinder configuration
(3) The wide range of applications, light industry adapts;
(4) environmental protection, manufacturing ofcutting punch no pollution;
(5) simple and easy to operate, training 20-30 minutes to operate their own production;
(6) Automatic Feeding bilateral configuration (60-300 tons) improve efficiency and save labor;
(7) hung steel machine factory for 20 years, the domestic leader.