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When hydraulic cutting machine with heating board
 When the HONGGANG hydraulic cutting machine with heating board, it can reach some other industries beyond the imagination. And it can make a lot traditional products we never thought. However, we HONGGANG already IS in these industries for over years.

First is the for leather embossing for real leather, PU and so on. also for leather belt embossing into any kind of patterns for leather shoes, lady bags...

Second for plastic gift box cutting and folding:
Today we make a new test in our factory, with heating board, the cutting edge more smooth and it can do the folding.

Third for insulation materials cutting and sealing:

Honggang cutting machine with heating board not only used for leather cutting embossing together, plastic folding, insulation sealing, but also for the EVA embossing and sealing for helmet and sports suits.
heating board size from 500x500mm, 600x500mm, 750x600mm, 1220x610mm, even 1400x1000mm.

Welcome to write to for more details if you are intersted in it.