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What is the Relationship Between Honggang&Hongpai, Honggang&Dongxing?

In a word, old and new different.

Factory Name: 

From 2003-2020, factory name as Guangdong Foshan city Honggang cutting machine co.,ltd.
From 2020.8, factory name changed to: GUANGDONG HONGGANG INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. 
Only the name changed, the tax number, bank account number, address keep same.

Brand Name: 
From 2003-2020, brand name HONGGANG.
From 2020.8, new brand name: HONGPAI.


Honggang's boss owns Dongxing factory with his partner.
You can say, that, they have same boss and are brother companies.
Dongxing is a factory built in 2008 and focused on 3/4 station thermoforming and cutting machine.
Dongxing is in Dongguan city and at present, wins a large market of station thermoforming machine.

Our freign sales department deal with promotion and sales for both Honggang and Dongxing factory.