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What are the advantages of automatic feed cutting machine?

What are the advantages of automatic feed cutting machine?

With the urgent requirements of cutting machine users for higher and lower production efficiency and lower labor costs, automatic feeding and cutting machines are also widely used in the popularity of multi-automatic feeding cutting machines compared to ordinary manual cutting machines. The advantages of automatic feeding cutting machine are still many, such as:

―, work fast and easy;
Automatic feeding cutting machine is automatic back and forth, does not require manual push and pull, save manpower, even if the little girl can easily operate; and automatic feeding cutting machine mostly adopts international advanced technology, faster than manual cutting machine faster, more efficient.

2. When one machine is used by two machines, energy consumption is saved;
After the manual cutting machine cuts the material, the material is discharged. The machine's utilization rate of the main motor is not very high, but the automatic feeding cutting machine can feed materials on both sides. When the A surface is placed on the material or material, B The surface punching is more and when the B-side punching is completed, the A-side punching is performed when the material is taken and discharged, which is equivalent to two machines punching, so that the machine has little empty space, so it is more energy-saving and consumption-reducing.

Third, higher security;
The automatic feeding cutting machine puts the material and presses the button to directly send it away directly, avoiding the contact of the cutting part with the human body, and has good safety electric eye protection, so the safety is also higher.

Fourth, the high precision of money cutting;
The automatic feeding cutting machine adopts the encoder to control the deep boring, belonging to the position control precision up to plus or minus 0.01mm. The feeding frequency inverter controls the precision of positive and negative 0.2mm. It is several tens of times higher than manual.

V. Man-machine dialogue, computer control failure rate is low;
Automatic feeding cutting machine man-machine dialogue can clearly understand the work of each part of the machine, the fault display at a glance; at the same time the output statistics of each shift is comprehensive, you can remember to store 300 sets of programs, easy to use when accessing, computer control performance is stable, phase Compared with traditional relays, the failure rate is lower and maintenance is easier.

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