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Vertical Leather Measuring Machine

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Vertical Leather Measuring Machine


Vertical Leather Measuring Machine

Used for measuring all kinds of leathers, and the measuring speed can be adjusted according to different kinds of leathers.

1. Compared to the traditional
leather measuring machine, the biggest feature of this machine is taking small space.

2. It is driven with belt transmission. With the transparent and separate roll, it can flatten the curled leather effectively and increase the measuring accuracy.

3. Equipped with the advanced infra-red digital scanning device, so as to improve the measuring performance. 

4. The machine can select different speeds according to different leather materials to get more precise and correct measurement results.

5. Equipped with auto printing machine, it can realize auto printing function.

6. Since its bringing into market, it has enjoyed a high reputation among shoe factories and leather products factories with small volume, easy operation , single-phase power.