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Tips On Guarding Against Counterfeiting Our Products

To our customers:

   Recently, the company received a number of customers to reflect that there are a large number of brands under the banner of my Honggang company, signed "Dongguan Honggang", "Guangdong Honggang", "Yancheng Honggang", etc., deceive customers said that it is Honggang Branch office, Honggang enterprise personnel leave the company to open the same, the same technology. This behavior has seriously violated the legitimate rights and interests of our customers and the reputation of our company.
    A large number of signatures such as “Dongguan Honggang”, “Guangdong Honggang” and “Yancheng Honggang” are not registered by our company. They are not affiliated companies, branches or affiliated companies officially authorized by our company. All businesses have nothing to do with our company, please pay attention to the difference, so as not to bring you losses.