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Single Station Full Servo Vaccum Forming Machine

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Single Station Full Servo Vaccum Forming Machine


This machine adopts the design of a single-heating furnace with a triangular angle wheel and double slide rails, which is suitable for blistering of PET materials that are easy to fog and whitish.
This machine adopts the design of double-cylinder chain motor rotating middle gate; this machine is equipped with a digital display voltage display device;
This machine adopts the design of movable middle gate, lower gate and gate; this machine adopts the design of electric motor slicing plus induction switch (stable and durable);
This machine adopts the design of sealed hot furnace, and the design of decorative door is installed.
Special functions: 
1) Secondary vacuum function   15) Delayed water spray function 
2) Manual demoulding function 16) Frequency conversion overcurrent automatic protection
 3) Secondary upper die function  17) Thickened stainless steel heating furnace design 
4) Secondary gate release function  18) Install thickened silicone oil barrels 
5) Secondary air blowing function  19) Unique PET function 
6) Secondary lower die function 20) Automatically adjust the guide rail function
 7) Automatic lubrication function  21) Secondary upper mold warning function 
8) Front and rear Add silicone oil injection system  22) Rapid heating function 
9) Fine-tune pneumatic function  23) One-key synchronization 
10) Multiple demolding function  24) 220KG automatic motor feeding design
11) Manual cold air function  25) Super large storage and memory function 
12) Multiple vacuum function  26) Lower mold installation infrared safety protection device 
13) Delayed vacuum function  (27) Watermark treatment system
14) Air, water and wind cooling function