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Shoe shine sponge die cutting machine

Model:HG-B40T, HG-B50T
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Shoe shine sponge die cutting machine


Shoe shine sponge die cutting machine


This page mainly introduces the cutting machine used as shoe shine sponge cutting machine, or shoe polish sponge cutting press.

Benifites by hydraulic cutting machine for cutting shoe shine sponge:
1)Straight cutting line. Slowing down when the cutting head touching the cutting die, is the main and key point of cutting machine. 
2)High output. 120 pcs to 200 pcs one stroke by 40 tons or 50 tons. or wider cutting area and suitable cutting force will produce more. 
3)Low cost and no quality compromise. Factory price with 20 years experiences to confirm the quality.
4)Easy to operate.Set the cutting die, press buttons to cut, and ajust cutting depth. The cutting press is regarded as the most basises, simplist and useful machine in the world, offering the pressure, making shoe shine sponge production easiest.

 The shoe shine sponge is a kind of low density foam materials and shoe shine sponge product is not big as other foam sponge product such as kitchen sponge with scrubber pad. As well the sponge sheet has been splitted into suitable size.More important,we have clients making shoe sponge polisher.So 40 tons and 50 tons are available,with area of 610x1600mm, 610x1200mm.which can deal with 120 to 200 pcs products one time.
 In addition, the shoe shine sponge can be designed into normal shape with fillet, also other shapes such as round shape, heart shape,apple shapes... any other shape to make your product different to win the market soon.Yes, the die cutting machine can help you to do so as it's working princible to work with a cutting die, or cutting molds. If you would like, we can design the cutting die for you too.

 Please send us your inquiry if you are in need in it, or feel free to discuss with us if you are in the industry, and your any advice will be highly appreciated. 
Shoe shine sponge die cutting machine