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Shoe Upper Leather Embossing Machine
 When you got to have the demands on leather embossing service for shoe uppers, it's wisdom to come to Honggang Cutting Machine. We have incredible experiences not only in embossing machine, as well the plates.

 Honggang manufactures kinds of hydraulic plane leather embossing/plating machine, from 40 tons , 80 tons, 120 tons ,180 tons and 250 tons with different areas for different factories demands.
 All of the embossing machine has the adjustments of controlling working pressure, embossing time, embossing tempresure, and functions of embossing, cutting, polishing, carving... and so on.

Model: HG-E40T; HG-E80T
Working force 40T, area 300x350mm, suitable for small plates embossing in leather upper shapes.

Model: HG-E120T, HG-E180T,120 tons  600x500mm, 750x600mm.
It can meets most demands on embossing leathers , including the perforating...
And it's the most popular models in our factory, we can supply 30 set per months.

HG-E250T is customized for the deep demands of heavy pressure to make the patterns more clear.

As the best and biggest manufacturer of hydrualic embossing machine, HG no doubt can offer you quality machine which HG has devoted 10 years in it, and supper after-sales service supporting engineer available to serve machines overseas.

What's more important, HG helps our cutomers to make the embossing plates as well. After years plates making, HG has lots of patterns in our database. We also help to design drawings, make sample to test the effects then put them into production.

Our plates can be made as any sizes, and materials can be steel, aluminum, brass and so on.

About plates patterns,  we have the most popular retiples,crocodile patterns, snakes hide patterns, liza leather,ostrich patterns, elephants, birds patterns and plants patterns of tree patterns, weaven patterns,ruffle patterns or other square stitch patterns and so on...

Here some for reference, if want to make plates, please write to:

 leather shoe upper embossing machine