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Shipped to Vietnam: Full servo 3-station thermoforming machine
Today we loaded one Full servo 3-station thermoforming cutting stacking machine shipped to Vietnam. 

Full servo 3 station thermoforming cutting machine shipped to Vietnam

Since 2009, Honggang factory started development and manufacturing the fully auto 3 station thermoforming machine in Dongguan, brand name as Dongxing.
Below is a short introduction to DM60, the most popuar model at present, stable, fast, reasonable cost.

I. Overview:

D&M60 series multi-station plastic sheet air pressure thermoforming machine is a high-efficiency, fully automatic plastic sheet air pressure thermoforming machine developed by our company through digestion, absorption and innovation of similar advanced models at home and abroad. The machine has the advantages of stable operation, convenient operation and long life.
Positive and negative pressure molding is a new technology of plastic molding processing. It is characterized by heating the plastic sheet of crystalline polymer to below the crystal melting temperature, stretching the mold core, and modifying the shape by compressed air to form a thin-walled plastic container.

2. Features of this machine:
The D&M60 series multi-station plastic sheet pneumatic thermoforming machine developed and produced by our company has reached the advanced level of similar domestic equipment in main technical performance, and has its own characteristics. The main performance is: the use of PLC control system, automatic fault alarm, easy operation and Maintenance; machine-electricity-pneumatic combined transmission, large forming area, high production efficiency, can realize the functions of heating, forming, punching (optional), punching and cutting, and stacking of plastic sheet. It is suitable for the molding of various shapes of products, and the molding quality of the products is high. The whole machine has reasonable structure, compactness, low noise, good operation stability and reliability.

3. Application scope:
This machine can be widely used in the production and production of all kinds of disposable plastic light containers and plastic products. Such as: instant noodle bowl, fruit box, fast food box, pastry box, electronic tray, hardware, daily necessities packaging box, etc.
Process flow: The D&M60 series plastic sheet air pressure thermoforming machine produced by our company has an automatic operation procedure as follows: feeding-temperature control heating-forming-punching (optional)-punching-product stacking- Rewinding and smashing of scrap material is continuously completed. D&M60 series models can be molded with the following materials: polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester (PET) and other thermoplastic sheets such as ABS.

4.Structural features:

The D&M60 series multi-station plastic thermoforming machine is a new model that has been continuously optimized and designed according to the new requirements of plastic product processing. It has a wide range of uses, stable motion, low noise, reliable work, high finished product qualification rate, wide application of sheet materials, forming, trimming, finished product output, and waste rewinding are all fully automated and continuous production. It can greatly save manpower and space, reduce costs, and improve economic benefits.

The movement of the machine's operating mechanism and the coordinated actuator are driven by machinery (eccentric connecting rod). Does not pollute the production environment and products. Especially suitable for the processing requirements of food packaging containers.

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