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Roof Panel Foam Closure Strips Die Cutting Machine Model Suggested!
First of all, video and machine introduction of Roof Panel Foam Closure Strips  first.

As two videos above, the machine models are:
HG-B100T, 100 tons cutting pressure, 1600x710mm working area, manual sliding table. 
Though it's manual type, but the large pressure and enough cutting area, allow it cutting 6-10 roof closure strips by one time.
HG-B50T Auto feeding long table, 50 tons cutting pressure, 1600x610mm, with long table of 2500mm to auto feed foam sheets.
As it's fully automatic, it can cut full sheets without workers, except the picking up process.
and 50 tons pressure can allow cutting 3-5 roof closure strips by one time.

Metal roof panel foam closure strips are widely and neccesary used for the metal roofs. It can help to keep out pests, reduct the noise, resistance moisture as well minimizes the light. And because as usual it's used for the positions of eave trim, ridge cap, peak trim or high side eave not flat, the strips have to cling the wave the metal roof shapes. There are R-panel strips, Wave strips ect used for top and bottom of the roof panel. So the exact shapes are required and cutting machine as well cutting die are required to meet the foam closure cutting demands.

Anyway, the two models of B100T manual type and B50T with auto feeding table,  prices are not so different, and just depends on which one suitable for you and which one you prefer.
More for reference of the model details page and pictures:
Hg-B100T, manual sliding type
HG-B50T auto feeding table.

Please contact us for pricing: what'sapp: +8615918086545.

Also, to cut the Wave Foam Closure Strips or R-panel closure strips, actually availble cutting pressure from 30 tons,  40 tons, 50 tons manual type, also the double feeding table sides can work for it. Such as 30 tons with working area 1600x610mm, die cut 1-2-3 pieces the same roof closure strips, is also a good choice for small quantity production.

Another question that, you may need to cut much longer foam strips from the foam sheets. This is not a big problem. Except standard 1600x610mm, 1600x810mm, working area, we can make it 1800x2300mm, or 2300x1800mm of both direction of feeding and cutting. 

So just to select the machine model depends on the bugjet and output would be the most suitable way. Tell us your budget, as well the quantity per day production, or other requirement, we will recommend you the most suitable model with price.

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Tina Chen 
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