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Roller VS Hydraulic Blister Die Cutting Machine

This article mainly talks about the two kinds of blister die cutting machine: roller blister cutting machine and hydraulic head blister cutting machine.

In working process:
A. Roller cutting process: put blister sheet into the cutting die, then cover the PP cutting board, run the cutting die and cutting, through to the other side; or run back again.
roller cutting machine
B. Plane cutting machine: fixed the PP board, slide in the table, then press buttons to cut,the head down and up, slide the table out in same side.
fixed head blister die cutting press

1.roller cutting machine by two sides, while plane hydraulic head cutting machine by one side infeed and outfeed.
2.Plane hydraulic head cutting board is fixed to the head, while the roller cutting machine has to put the board on and down every time. So this is a limit for roller cutting machine, because the cutting board is too big and heavy, it's not easy to handle with it.
3. According above, both of them are easy to operate. Roller cutting machine two sides for infeed and out feed, may need two workers; while the hydraulic head cutting machine totally only one person can do the whole cutting process.
4.Time using different. The hydraulic head hydraulic die cutting press only runs the stroke, which can be set in suitable height, then we can run the cutting head in stroke in 200mm. while the rotocut die cutting machine has to run the whole infeed and outfeed rollers.

First conclusion that, if you want output high and high effeciency, we suggest to use
hdyraulic blister cutting machine.What's more important, the hydraulic head cuting system can allows double sides working- like two machine work together! And the machine allows innovation in the feeding process:manual, motor drive feeding table; or to change cutting die to use the stacking tools.

Working Principle:
A,As the going through cutting, the cutting force of roller cutting machine has no limits in cutting force, while cutting force is the most important specification for the hydraulic cutting machine. Hydraulic cutting machine adopts hydraulic system and oil pump to run the machine and offer cutting pressure. Different hydraulic cylinder and pump will produce different pressures. So in hydraulic cutting press, 25 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons to 200 tons is normal for them.

B.Both of them are head cutting,while hydraulic cutting machine's pressure is from the head; and roller cutting machine's press from the running roller.

C.The product height is a key point to roller cutting machines, it has limits during the running through process, about 130mm. But it's not so important for hydraulic cutting machine, because the stroke can be set; or can be customized. As usual, 200mm stroke for hight is no problem.

D.Both of them is no limits in cutting area, while the hyraulic cutting machine cutting area often in 610x1220mm, 810x1600mm or bigger; and roller cutting machine seems that have no limits in cutting length, but of course, the cutting die has limits and I think if the cutting die and cutting board can be fixed is more perfect. But this process only can be used in hydraulic cutting machine, while the hydraulic cutting system can be used
in a whole production line: forming+ cutting+ stacking.

Second conclusion that, roller cutting machine can save money while it cost lower than hydraulic cutting machine, while the cost for hydraulic cutting machine, is very very different according to their cutting forces, from 4000 USD to 40000 USD is possible. If blister sheet is height, just use the hydraulic cutting machine.

Other Information:
In China, no roller cutting machine used; all factories use hydrualic cutting machine or other similar machines, and same to other Asian Countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and so on; while roller cutting machine used in USA, India, South America.In future, hydraulic cutting machine can be used more widely because it's more suitable and automatic for big factories industries. Mostly, rotacut or similar die cutting machine is just like home made machines. By the way, for papar board or box, roller cutting machine is more suitable anyway.