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HG-JX02 Robot Arm

Robot arms works together with cutting machine, to pick up the cutting pieces by one time, fast and precision. It is much increasing the production and saving the labor cost. Each robot arm is with 60 suckers for different size of products, tray or lids. And suckers positions can be adjusted, edge pressing tools can be adjusted, working with the belt conveyor auto running after stacking.

At present, it’s mostly used in plastic packaging industries.
It can work with HG-B series, HG-V series, HG-AB series.
It can work with single sides, or doubles sides.

Usage industries/Products:  food containers, plastic tray, takeaways containers, toys packing, pulps container, lunch box, moon cake box, snack packages, lid cover, flower pot, bowls, kraft bowls, eco thermoforming products, etc.

HG-JX02 Robot Arm

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