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Plastic Packaging Thermoforming Production Line
 Now adays, a highly demand for the autoamtic processing in a range of products production, specially in Automotive interior, Plastic of Injection,Extrusion, as well Thermoforming, Leather cutting... and so on. HG is involed in these industries too and develops kinds of automatic production line for different products making.
Here we would like to introduce the thermoforming plastic production line.

The production line, is included of unwinder, heating part, theromoforming part, die cutting part, stacking part, and the rewinder part. It's totally without any worker during the process and highly production speed.

Forming area: 710x850x120mm
Forming speed: 12-18 stroke/minute
Machine size: 9800x2300x2400mm
Heat Furnace size: 7800x2600mm
This type of thermoforming plastic packaging productine line is stuitable to high demands of food packaging products: lid, fresh tray, moon cake tray, disposable food tray and boxes, instant noodles bowl lid, cups, ice cream cups, jelly cups, boxes, household plasitc packaging containers, as well pharmaceutical/wine/electrical appliances plastic blister packaging...

Fully servo driven machine, no noise, no vibration, good forming and fast.
Full machine in a compact structure, taking small floor space.
Labor saving, only 1-2 workers packing.
Auto cutting , auto counting, auto transmission by PLC.