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Plane Leather Belt Plating Machine
 In 2005, HG as the NO.1 factory, developed the plane hydraulic belt embossing or named plating machine in China, to full fill the technic margin of China.Till 2015, we have manufacture about 300 sets in past 10 years.

 Hydraulic plane embossing machine's function is emboss the leather belt/strap at a plane working area. It works with embossing molds by heating and pressure of hydraulic. And it has functions of: temperature control, heating time control, embossing pressure adjustment, auto counting, cooling and so on. Please kindly check belowing introduction of the machine.

plane leather belt plating machine
Plane Leather Belt Plating Machine

Vantages of the belt plating machine:
1. embossing effectives can be controlled, not hurt the leather materials.
2. Works with mold, allowing unique designs.
3. Easy to operate.
4. Two models to choose.
Model Pressure Motor Dimension Net Weight Length Heater
HG-E120T/B 120TONS 4KW 1660*940*1810MM 1610KG 1350MM 2.1KW
HG-E120T/B 120TONS 4KW 1910*940*1810MM 1810KG 1600MM 2.4KW

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