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Packaging PE Foam Cutting Machine

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Packaging PE Foam Cutting Machine


Packaging PE Foam Cutting Machine


Honggang has served for packaging foam cutting field for over 20 years as the most professional and best quality machine supplier in China.

Packaging PE Foam Cutting Machine also is our automatic type hydraulic die cutting machine, with double-side and auto-balance structure, ensuring the cutting precision for the thick PE sheet.
Automatic die cutting machine is controlled by the PLC of programmable logic controller, which can set manual cutting, automatic cutting, one side table cutting and two sides table cutting by 50 memory modules.

PE foam hydraulic die cutting machine has stroke of 190mm, while the top head and bottom table open is 50-240mm, which is available for about 200mm thickness PE foam.

We have to way to feed the feeding table by rotary or chain; both of them are run by the motor, and feeding speed is controlled by PLC.

We can offer exact models with different cutting force and area according to your production demand to save the cost.

PE foam cutting machine