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Noise problem
There would be two situations for why the cutting press machines produce high and unusual noise.
1)when first time working.
2) After work long time

First time working after setting the cutting die, it noises so loud, seems like there is something inside to stop the machine head going up. Then please adjust the Lift Height schedule to the highest position.

After long time working,  and we have Failure Analysis according to our 20-year maintenance:
(1)The oil not enough, or filter mesh is blocked by something dirty, so the oil can not flow to oil pump, resulting noise. Please check the oil content, as usual, oil hight must be 30mm higher than filter; or take down the filter to clean, making sure nothing in the mesh or just change it.
(2) hydraulic used for too long,purity is not high, the flow is hindered, also resulting noise; As usual, for new machine, 3 month to change the first oil; next change per year.
(3) Problem of the pump or motor,take it down for detailed examination; As usual, this problem less happens.
(4) failure of the seat part of the function and abnormal noise is generated, we need to change with the solenoid valve;
(5) The oil route is block inside the tube, the hydraulic oil can not flow, thus creating a strange sound;
(6) some parts appear loose or worn down, It requires to search exactly and detailly and check each parts.

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