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New Year Start Working from 17th, FEB, 2016
 After about one month Chinese New Year holiday, HONGGANG CUTTING MACHINE factory is starting workng from 17th,Feb,2016.

First of all, we are sorry for late reply for the inquiries during our holiday.

Next, we would like to advise something new and developed in our factory in next days.

1.About the products developing aim of this year, we will keep the standard cutting press models from 30 tons to 200 tons. Meanwhile, on automation,
2. we have tried one project in last year, with roller feeding and mechanical arm to pick;
3.on travel head cutting press machine, we will develop new type with rotary head cutting press with auto-feeding table.
4. on blister cutting, we will perfect the stacker after stacking as request from our customers, with the pushing tools after stacking which helps to smallize the labor working.

Anyway, we will put more attention on developing automatic cutting press and large cutting table machines; and finalize the our customzied service. Please check this page for more.

Thank you for visiting and Welcome so much to send us the inquiry or your advice.

Most of workers don't come back to work yet as the terrbile Chunyun.

The bosses are giving us each one the RED PACKET to start working.