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New Machine finished to Fiji: 100 tons cutting full 1000x1000mm cleaning sponge
Last week we just finished a machine for cleaning sponge die cutting.

Here to share with you the details: 100 tons cutting press machine with the auto feeding table for kitchen sponge die cutting. As usual the kitchen clean materials can be only scruber without sponge, as well only sponge scrubber. Just the most popular products in the market, it's the scubber with sponge, or wood pulp cotton with wood scruber. 

Yes it's not only for 200 tons or 250 tons, the feeding table can be installed with any models such as 100 tons.To install the auto feeding table with small cutting pressure, 
the only difference is how many times to cut a full sheets. It can realize the full auto cutting working type of saving labors. 

And compare to the wire cutting, it has obvious advantages of easy cooperation, no need to put and arrange the cutting sheet many times, and it's precise cutting depending on the cutting dies, no lines curve..Also it's fast operation. 

Of course, it's much faster than the slitting cutting machine. Slitting cutting machine is cutting one line by one line, how ever, the die cutting machine can cut one sheet by one sheet. 

For more, it can die cut with many shapes, it allows you to win the different market of regular square shapes, in this field, no matter wire cutting or slitting machine, they can't meet such production functions. 

Based on our rich experience, we can share below the information of how to select the correct models with suitable budget for kitchen sponge cutting machines.

1) Manual type, low budget for starting, by 40 tons or  50 tons or 60 tons,  working area 1220x610mm, cutting 1000x300/400/500mm.

2) Manual type, mid budget for starting but market big, by 100 tons, working area 1400x1100mm cutting 1000x500mm or 1000x1000mm.

3) Auto type, cutting long sheets automatic, saving labor, high output,  by 200 tons or 250 tons..  feeding table 2000x1000, cutting 1000x1000mm

4) When it has printing patterns on the surface to cut:

5) Mostly for saving labor by auto  type, saving money,
any small manual type such as 40 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 100 tons can also with auto feeding table to cut automaticly.
Just the cutting pcs small but auto continous cutting.

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