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Most Popular Blister Plastic Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine in China
As the biggest market and manufacturing country in the world, China has the immeasurable experiences in blister making, and blister machine making, blister cutting solutions. And as the development going fast, Chinese replace the old machine by new machine in a very fast quick speed. For blister cutting machine, from high frequency, ultrosonic cutting machine to hydraulic cutting machine; Even for hydraulic die cutting machine, we have developed the fourth generation—Precision Auto Balance hydraulic die cutting machine with four columns, and double cylinders. 

 Most popular blister die cutting machine in China, is the hydraulic die cutting machine of precision type, as it can meet the production demands deeply. Thanks to its super auto-balance structure, precision hydraulic die cutting machine equiped with four-pillar and double-cylinder can keep the machine edge smooth and cutting speed fast. And according to the hydraulic cutting system, which can slow down while the cutting head touching the cutting die, to confirm the cutting precision again.

What's more, the precsion cutting machine has different models with cutting force and areas, is seperately for different plastic products procesing.

Honggang blister die cutting machine are divided into 5 kinds:
1.manual sliding table feeding hdyraulic die cutting machine
2.double side automatic die cutting machine
3.Auto cutting + stacking machine
4.Automatic Cutting Creasing cutting machine
5.Forming+ cutting+stacking machine

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