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Manual Sliding Table Cutting Press with PLC

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Manual Sliding Table Cutting Press with PLC


Details in manual kind cutitng machine, please check this page.
Auto feeding table for reference

Compare to the normal manual type of cutting press machine, this type of manual sliding table, is still by hand to pull out and push the feeding table.
The difference is the feeding table. 

1) Feeding table. 
Normal feeding table is made by plywood with wooden handle to push and pull. As well the wood table is not fixed on the holder under the table,  but just put on the roller of the holder. It's simple and low cost, and enough for manual type working of most standard table size, such as standard working area 1220x610mm, 1600x610mm, even 1800x910mm...

The new type with metal table and metal holder with rubber roller. The table is fixed to the roller. Such changes have lots benefits, when the table won't move out too much from the cutting area. As well, when it's large table, it's much easier to handle, to push and to pull, also convinient for pick up the cutting pieces afte cutting.

2) PLC controlled.
PLC installed to the manual type die cutting machine is not neccesary but as optional, but it can help to make the more precise cutting.

When normal manual sliding machine by limit switch to control the cutting depth and die setting, also simple. But when with PLC, the setting die process and cutting depth all can be controlled by PLC, just to input the cutting depth, more refined to find out the suitable cutting pressure, and protect the cutting knife. 

3) Keep pressing buttons to work.
Though there is light sensor for protection,  two hands to press the buttons will the cutting head down and finish the cutting is also neccesary for safety.