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Maintenance: Why the cutting head down speed slowly?

These day we received a few feedback from our customers who using our Honggang die cutting machine for over 10 years in India, China, Vietnam. 

They are wondered and asking, why the new purchased machine cutting head down speed slow than other old machines? 

After inspecting the video they share with us, as well our after-sales visiting the factory, then we figure out the problem.

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For manual type, the reason is the oil is too much to cover the black the tube.
So first of all, to take down the oil tank cover and check how much is the oil.  If it's too much and no space for the returning oil tube to draining the oil? If yes, then it needs to take out some of the oil to make the oil level to the normal. As usual, the oil level is just over 30mm of the oil filter is fine. Too much, or too less, will not fine for machine working. 

By the way, if too less oil, there will be noise out because the pump sucking too much air. 

For auto cutting machine with PLC, because there is setting of Slow Height adjustment choice. So it is not only to check the oil level  as above, also need to check the Slow Height showing on the touch screen if too high for the thin materials. Yes this function adjustment is for different thickness materials, and the slow speed of cutting head can protect the cutting knife. 

Any questions about the die cutting machine during operation, please feel free to inform us any time.
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