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Leather bags embossing machine/making machine

Model:HG-E120T, 600x500mm
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Leather bags embossing machine/making machine


Leather bags embossing machine/making machine

 HG-E120T, as the most popular model in China leather market and the main product in Honggang factory, is well known in leather bags industry.It emboss on leather surface after leather cutting, which can highly meet the demands for the bulk production and meanwhile to keep the bags design patterns unique to win the market and customers, not only to win the competitors.

 HG-E120T hydraulic embossing machine, also name hot stamping machine, plating machine, heating press embossing machine, can heat press embossing on PU, PVC, real leathers, for shoes, bags, purse, covers.
Leather bags embossing machine/making machine
Leather embossing machine functions:
1)Embossing, carving, perforating
2)heating temperature adjustable
3)auto counting
4)heating time adjustable
5)Auto or manual operating 
6)working pressure adjustable
7)feeding/working rate adjustable
8)Heating embossing
8)Hydraulic pressure

HG-E120T for embossing bags:
1) 600x500mm suitable for bags, while 180T for shoes and perforating more suitable
2) Can copy exactly and output highly
3) Embossing with plates, designs can be unique.

Why choose honggang embossing machine?
1)HG-E120T and HG-E180T, we spent 10 years developing it, reaching its now steady, low cost, low maintenance quality.
2)We offer HG-E series to ATOM UK, which is regarded as NO. 1 in world market, and we are the supplier.
3)easy to operate.
4)offer plates, we have many resources in embossing plates
5)offer best service, manual book, operating videos,wool felt, solutions

Hydraulic leather embossing machine