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Leather CNC Punching Macine

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Leather CNC Punching Macine


Leather CNC Punching Macine

1. The machine is durable more than 10 years.
The machine is designed with a special machanical structure, that is, the material laying board can move to 4 directions freely, while the pins remain still. Thus, the punching force is absorbed by this fixed structure, not acting on the lead screw and guide rails. This exllent original structure ensures the machine durable more than 10 years.

2.Change board flexibly to double efficiency.
Each machine contains two materials laying boards.
When one board is used for punching on the machine, the other for laying material aside, two steps are carried out at the same time, and two boards are used circulary. It helps to save the material laying time and the efficiency doubles. There for, the efficciency of one set HG machine equals to two machines for other brands.

3.  800 holes/min: 1 tons puching force.
The machine uses servo motors + lead screws + guide rails + whole structure(no cutting, no welding on one whole metal material) It gains the following performances: 
* 800 times. min, high speed
*  0.1mm deviatioin.
*0.8-12mm hole diamater, 6mm-thick material
*bigger holes are customizable.

4. Self-developed punching system allows regular upgrade.
The punching system is developed by our own company, not ourtscouring one.
Therefore, it's more stable and much easier to operate.
What's more, regular upgrades ensure that the machine is always synchronized with the latest research results of our company and keep the machine in its best performance forever.

5. 1 kwh/ hour
Our company has nine-year experience in project design and constructure management in the electric field. Therefore, we are more professional with reasonable layout. Currently, the electronic control system design and construction is still one of our company's projects.

6. Vaccum Cleaning System
The machine is equipped with vaccum cleaning system, which has the following functions.
A. collecting the waste fraying while punching avoids the fraying falling on the leather as obstables and resulting in half-punched holes.
B. Keep the work environment clean.

7. National Patents.
We are holding 4 national patents. The capacity of R&D, superior authentic components together with the fine workmanship shape your best reliable choice of CNC leather punching machine.