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Large Vertical Blister Trimming Press
Large Vertical Blister Trimming Press is equiped with large cutting table and cutting force for large blister sheet specially. It's has the high output than other manual or small type machine, as it can die trim more products at one time.

The vertical type trimming press different from other double-cylinder cutting machine, it's oil tank is set on the top of the cutting beam to offer trimming pressure.In addtition, with PLC control system, the trimming pressure can be adjusted. Single side or double side working is available to choose.

Compare with the roller blister trimming press, vertical blister trimming press is more easier to operate, and fast trimming by two sides working, by rotary or chain feeding 

Honggang verticle blister trimming press has model of HG-V120T, HG-V150T, HG-V200T with 120 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons.Please click the link for more details.If for other blister cuttin press, please click: blister die cutting machine.

Vertical Double-side Hydraulic Die Cutting Press