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Kitchen Sponge Die Cutting Press (semi-automatic type)

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Kitchen Sponge Die Cutting Press (semi-automatic type)


Kitchen Sponge Die Cutting Press (semi-automatic type)


Hydraulic die cutting press to cut foam sponge for kitchen cleaning,  honggang factory has developed kinds of to meet the demands from different customers from different countries.

In picture, by automatic type cutting machine,  to cut 1000x1000 mm of sponge sheet into 87 pieces of small products, which is round.  This kind shape of sponge will not come out automaticly after cutting, then we cut a stretch cotton into cutting die and keep them. Then the products comes out easily.

Anyway, we can offer other kinds of sponge cutting press:
1) manual feeding type, from 30 tons to 120 tons,  610x1220mm to 1300x1100mm of working area
2) semi-automatic type from 50 tons to 200 tons. double side working tables.
3) Full automatic type with belt-feeding system(under developing)

At last to introduce our cutting system: hydraulic four-column precision cutting system
It is equiped with 4 columns, and double-cylinder with connect ing rod. which will keep steady when working.

Kitchen Sponge Die Cutting Press (semi-automatic type)