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Manual Type Hydraulic Travel Head Cutting Press

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Manual Type Hydraulic Travel Head Cutting Press


Manual Type Hydraulic Travel Head Cutting Press

Fast Reference:

Easy and simple working type, with travel head which can be moved the position of cutting. It allows enough and visible space to put the cutting die and pick up the cutting pieces.

Compared to the full head cutting press machine, it is no need to pull and push the feeding table; compared to receding head press, it's faster,  no need to wait for the cutting head forward and backward.

With small cutting head from full head, it's much suitable for small cutting dies, like gaskets, seals, shoe upper, insole, gloves, doll toys fabric die cutting.

And please pay attention that, our manual type trave head cutting machine is with the 4-column type precision cutting, more steady, more precise, more durable for using.

25 tons, 30 tons, 40 tons, 50 tons availble for choice!


This travel head cutting press used for die cutting shoe uppers, insoles, bags, purse, soft toys, abrasive tools etc.


Movable trolley with powerful dynamic braking assuring a quick stop without gear motor.
Pushing double buttons with two hands to ensure operators safety.
Hydraulic auto balance system, low energy consumptions.
High reliability, no primary, maintenance required

Hydraulic Travel Head Cutting Press